"The only defence in front  of the world is its thorough understanding."

(Francis Bacon)



We, the servants in science of the great king Decebal, invite you to go round his virtual kingdom. You will thus enter a world in which armies have been replaced by pieces of chalk and pencils and warriors have turned into teachers or pupils.

As our motto says, this tour cannot begin without being aware of the history of our high school. In the section "Presentation" you will learn our story, one which is much younger than that of the Dacians. You do not believe us? Read the chronicler’s  testimony under the title "Language Contests and Competitions".

Then we will go to "Arcadia". Do not be frightened, we will  not send you to compete in the Olympic Games in Ancient Times. You are only invited to turn over the pages of our high school magazine. There are fights here too, controversies over ideas. The ones who feel tempted can collaborate not only on our magazine, but also on any of our "Projects".

Who said that the Dacians did not leave behind written evidences? You will find them in the "Documents".  Still not content? Look up "Useful links"! And if you continue to be skeptical, you have to take a look at the "Photo Gallery". You will see here our weapons (laboratories) and the pupils who use them.

If you are willing to know what Decebal’s  21st century army does, learn that the youngest recruits enter through the gates of our school to join ‘’Preparatory class’’ and then it’s up to them to attend primary classes – daily, comprehensive school - daily or reduced attendance classes, high school – daily, evening classes or reduced attendance classes. For those who failed to join the king’s army in time, the great king offers his programme "The Second Chance" for primary and comprehensive school classes.

The kingdom’s heralds have given up breaking the news to the people. They have posted it in their section which is easily accessible from all over the world.

In order to appreciate the knowledge gladly instilled into our pupils’ minds, you need to cross our threshold. This way you will meet the ones who are now servants on Decebal’s science altar. You will find us easily, at 9-11 Energeticienilor Boulevard or looking into ‘’Contacts’’. We are waiting for you in the place where passion for science goes together with high spirits, because in our school you cannot be "tarabostes" if you do not smile…

Liceul Teoretic „Decebal” - sector 3, București